- what size space is required: width, depth and height


- which arragenment of doors works best: How many doors and whether folding or folding & sliding


- the colour of the cladding to the front and rear frames: from a selection of RAL colours


- which type of glass to use to the roof,sides and doors: double or triple glazed, clear or obscured, insulated or with integral heating system

Competing with the highest level of modern extensions, Vitrendo has many design advantages. Whilst the concept of Vitrendo is a ready made solution, the nature of the design allows each purchaser to tailor it to suit their needs and the specific aspects of their property – setting Vitrendo apart from other modern extensions. Purchasers decide the overall dimensions of each Vitrendo ordered within certain practical limitations. The arrangement of doors that works best can be selected together with whether they slide or fold. Purchasers can pick the colour they like for the cladding and door framing from a selection of RAL colours. They can also choose which type of glass to use for the roof, sides and doors with a range of double and triple glazed units available with options for obscured glass to give privacy and solar control films to prevent overheating. IQ's heated glass system can also be incorporated into your Vitrendo modern extension if required. Without detracting from the purity of the overall design, each Vitrendo ordered can still be made to meet your particular modern extension requirements.