Whether you’re looking to extend your new build home, or seeking modern glazed extensions to old building, the design of Vitrendo ensures that things are kept as simple as possible throughout all stages of a building programme.

Planning : When installing Vitrendo planning permission may not be required in certain areas. In Conservation Areas or as extensions for Listed Buildings, the refined construction and the visually lightweight appearance means that the glazed extension will sit comfortably with any style of historic building, easing the path to any permissions that may need to be granted.

Party Walls : The shallow foundations needed for Vitrendo mean that Party Wall agreements or notices with neighbouring properties are unlikely to be necessary or will be straightforward to obtain.

Building Regulations : The high thermal performance of the high specification glazing used in Vitrendo structure and the thermally broken construction mean that compliance with current and forthcoming Building Regulation requirements (which are particularly strict for extensions for listed buildings) is easily achieved.

Preparation : Vitrendo comes complete with all the elements required for the structure above ground level. All that is needed is for a builder to provide a simple reinforced concrete slab to sit the glazed extension on; underground drainage to connect the integral rainwater and perimeter drainage into and floor finishes around once it is installed.

Lead Time : Once the order is place Vitrendo will be on site by an agreed date within 8-10 weeks from approval.

Construction and Installation : Combining decades of experience, we are proud of our speed and efficiency. Whether you’re looking for a simple extension to a new build, or a modern glazed extension to old buildings, once the order is place Vitrendo will be on site by an agreed date within 8-10 weeks from approval.

The Finished Product - On completion Vitrendo will be left clean and tidy and will be ready for use once any works around it are finished.

Vitrendo is a complete and self-finished installation from one provider and installer, avoiding the need to get someone else to install the glass, hang the doors, add a gutter or rainwater pipe, try to weather seal it, decorate it or fit the locks or the myriad of other things that most off the peg structures still require.