The key idea behind Vitrendo is to make a glazed extension solution that solves the myriad of practical problems associated with glazed structures as elegantly as possible as a readily available off the peg product.

maximum daylight

- frameless glass roof and side panels with no visible supports


visually minimal

- front frame to combine structure insulation and cladding as well as conseal the door surround


highly functional

- rear frame to keep structural load off the adjoining house and deal with rainwater run-off from the roof via a concealed gutter and downpipe


individual choice

- wide variety of door types and arrangements possible


sustainable and secure

- high performance double or triple glazed units to ensure thermal efficiency and maximum security


easily accessible

- easy action doors and flush threshold from inside to outside


Vitrendo is highly functional with a front and rear frame that supports the glazing and doors whilst keeping the structural load off the adjoining building and draining away rainwater invisibly. The frames are insulated and clad to conceal the door surrounds, fixings and drainage components and ensure a visually minimal appearance. The glazed roof and side panels have no visible framing or supports to maximise daylight. A wide variety of door types and arrangements are possible giving purchasers individual choice over how the Vitrendo glazed extension solution works for them. The threshold of the doors is flush with the surrounding floor finishes which combined with the smooth action of the doors ensures Vitrendo is easily accessible and the high performance glazed units used ensures it is sustainable and secure.

Key benefit

Although Vitrendo has a visual clarity and elegance its underlying technical sophistication also has many benefits that anyone looking for home extension ideas should be interested in:

  • Simple Construction: Vitrendo is a structurally independent glazed extension solution, therefore doesn’t rely on any adjoining building.
  • High Thermal Performance: High performance double or triple glazed units are used on all elevations of the construction which is thermally broken
  • Excellent Protection: The construction is fully weather sealed against the elements
  • Integrated Drainage: All rainwater run-off is drained away invisibly
  • High Levels of Natural Light: The highly glazed construction maximises natural light
  • Flexible Design: Vitrendo is available with a variety of different door types and configurations to suit
  • Various Applications: Vitrendo can be utilised for a huge varieties of uses
  • Versatile: Vitrendo Vitrendo glazed extensions are compatible with any style of property
  • Short Timescales: Vitrendo can be designed and installed at your home within 10-12 weeks.
  • Fixed Price: IQ’s estimating team will be able to provide a swift and firm price so there are no hidden costs later.
  • Organised Construction: Once the glazed extension has been designed a firm installation date will be given.

Vitrendo gives you a contemporary glazed extension solution whilst avoiding the hassle and uncertainty of a bespoke project without compromising the style, quality and performance of the end result.