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‘An easy way to extend’

Vitrendo Glass Extensions, a joint venture between IQ Glass and Smerin Architects, was featured within the news pages of Real Homes in April. The contemporary glass extension was highlighted for its architecturally designed solution to glass extensions that is able to be added to any type of property.

One of the main drives behind the advent of the Vitrendo glass extension was to provide an architecturally designed glass extension to everyone without the need for detailed architectural design, as it has already been done.

“If the idea of a large project and hiring an architect for a glass extension seems costly, this new extension could be a simple solution”

The ‘off the peg’ glass extension offers large flexibility in terms of configuration of panels, orientation and size in order to suit most properties from narrow Victorian houses to large detached cottages. As the design of Vitrendo ensures that the load of the glass construction is taken by the front and rear framing there is no load resting on the building it is attached to. This type of loading solution is great for listed or older buildings where the internal structure may not be suitable to support a new addition to the house.

The sliding glass doors used as standard in the Vitrendo extension are minimally framed sliding aluminium doors with 21mm vertical framing and a flush floor track. The roof and side panels are ‘visibly frame free’. This allows the maximum amount of light to enter the glass space with no interruptions.

If required solid wall constructions can be used or a solid roof depending on your space and the privacy required.

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