With its clean and visually minimal appearance Vitrendo is an honest product of its time, representing the best choice for glazed extensions for houses. Consequently it will sit happily next to properties from almost any era or architectural style providing a complementary element from the C21st whilst allowing the qualities of the existing building adjacent to remain visible. Just as the overall size of each Vitrendo residential glass extension can be adjusted to suit its location, the proportion of the doors and glazed panels can also be set to complement those of the buildings around making it a genuinely architectural addition to any property. Whether it is utilised as a discrete addition to a Listed Building or a bold residential glass extension of a more ordinary property, Vitrendo can provide the cost effective answer to the need to create more space. As an ideal glazed extension for houses, Vitrendo will sit comfortably with any style of historic building, easing the path to any permissions that may need to be granted.